Sunday, October 9, 2011


Some days are like today, bookended by birth and death;

the year sheds a day, round goes the earth and sheds a dear's life.

What impact his life had, how blessed his soul was,

we will never know again - the blessed ones aren't allowed to come down,

once away from us, they go.


Silhouettes keep marching towards the purple sky,

their limpid vision mocks us, a bit harshly -

Any colour you like, will be rendered pale white,

We are all alike, in the end, subject to the same plight.

Once in your life, you will march here, with us or alone,

the light dimmed, the life saddened, death prone.


I have never seen snow, nor felt snow fall over me,

nor built a snow man, nor bruised my hand falling from a ski.

Nor have rolled around on a carpet,

shivering in the chill wind, the ice melting over my skin.

Our city is blessed (or cursed), winter having been ejected by the climate Goddess,

from the list of seasons it experiences.

To duck and run from one awning to the other that dot Mylai,

escaping snow flakes as it falls from the sky,

to watch the snow pile up and submerge the slush outside Anna Nagar,

to rub gloved hands and walk along the Marina,

to have heaters in the Volvos that run to Tambaram.

Ye Alchemists! You have your task cut out:

Let snow fall over Chennai and from not just the pages of a Pamuk's novel.


Teal™ said...

:-D I would love for it to snow in Chennai ... but the closest we got is a 3 min hailstorm a couple of years back during the monsoon.

Andy Sewina said...

Nice idea, but you really don't/won't want bad weather. If you went to Sweden you'd need more than a heater in your Volvo, you'd need chains on your tyres when it snows...

Teal™ said...

@Andy - You have no idea of how bad weather is here, we have summers pretty much through out the year!

Vivek said...


Hailstorm ain't enough. We need snow :)


We have the opposite here - unbearable heat and energy sapping humidity.

Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughts, I could close my eyes n see all those familiar places.Anna ngr is home :). Thanks for bringing it all back in a second

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Phew, I guess extremes of weather aren't good, it hardly ever gets too hot or too cold in England, but we still complain.

Vivek said...


Welcome :)



The Gooseberry Garden said...

refreshing ...

love your blog,

come join our poetry picnic week 9 today,
first time participants can share 1 to 3 random poems.

Old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.

Hope to see you in.


Vivek said...

@Gooseberry Garden,

Welcome to my blog. Have shared a poem at your picnic :)

Prasetyo said...

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Raajii said...

that's so poetic and beautiful :-).

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