Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Trap

There is a trap, a rattrap,

wielding a passive lure -

like all traps,

a thick slice of kernel between its lips,

set like the one in the bedroom,

beneath the bed where mom and dad sleep,

and the other in the kitchen,

next to the aluminium canister filled with sugar,

and another beside the fridge,

the Amul butter in it, melting faster

than the candle lit in the living room,

where the family is assembled,

blinkered, in silence, abrupt, around the table

the table with a remote control on it, awaiting

the resuscitation, of pixelated images

of life peeled, bleached which is now ,

like the visor of the Splendour

parked outside, bright red which was

once, when there were no rats.


ThomG said...

This made my skin crawl a bit. Finely tuned writing.

Shail said...

That was very vivid.

Wysteria said...

Oh I visited your other blog first!

This was full of imagery , fine writing..


Anonymous said...

eeeewwwwww... reminds me of cockroaches... their huge and fly in hawaii and their as old as dirt... in texas their terminally everywhere... rats, oh geez, shivers... great writing, you made it seem so dark and and and creepy...... bird on wire

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