Thursday, June 10, 2010


[My entry for this week's 3WW prompt]



amid the pouring rain,

in a building standing tall, unhidden,

a cup of coffee was had,

the most beguiling view of the sea admired,

the sea attired,

in the same blue as the sky.

In the mind of the one

engaged in a sempiternal roam,

a question naturally arose -

could he afford the same view

a day or two later?

The man with the answer,

a bard prepossessed with his noble shrine,

prevaricated thus:

to the immortal is known the age of the world

and to death is known the future.

In other words, no.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

wow !

i loved your poem, but i have a question ..

was it lack of finance
or the absence of a nuance
that prompted the bard to be so negative ?

Timothy P. Remp said...

Wow, great poem. Very well done.


Vivek said...

@Deepa and @Tim

Thank you for your kind words.

Well, inscrutable are the ways of bards and this one was no exception :)

Matt Merritt said...

I liked the last line. It was jarring in its simplicity. Nice poem

Anonymous said...

i like the way it ends. i don't agree that death knows the future, all it knows is the present. either way, i like the way you've dealt with it. :)

Vivek said...

@Matt and @bluepapercranes

Thank you for your comments.

The simplicity was to reinforce the fact that all kind of vagueness doesn't actually disturb or rather affect the bluntness of truth.

I think it should have been "to death is shown the future" for isn't it its job to effect the future?

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