Thursday, May 20, 2010

What use this cry over spilt oil?

[My entry for this week's 3WW prompt. Inspired by the photo on the right. ]

What did they say? It will go away...never will never worry were brave enough to grasp a strand of grass...the driest one in that..what if your hands bleed? will all stop...cherish will help you... it is like reading the newspaper: read the sports will keep you happy..never dwelve into the middle pages...what do you see there?...this bird stuck in oil for example...what was it thinking when it jumped into the sea?...didn't it notice the change in the colour of the sea?...did it really believe that huge wings had spurted out of its shadow covers the breadth of my vision as I dive in...ah!look at me!, where is it?... gasping for a breath of oil-free air at the shore...a kitchen is the hell that a bird dreads the most...and this one must wonder, well I may be slick with oil but I am not dead yet...I may not fly again but my guts are not on a plate, my feathers are not for sale...I am not roasted!..aye water! the mirror you hold up when I beckon you to see my reflection, it is broken! ha ha!!...what do you say now?...what?! I am not an old crone, the one with broken foot who says to herself, I seen the world...what use a foot?...I need not pacify myself like that...go clean up will ya?


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

come onnnn !!!!

do a cheerful 3WW .... don't make me start thinking on a philosophical tone.

< i like the way you use words ... it really keeps the flow >

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

just realised .. my this weeks 3WW entry is almost on the same theme as your last week's entry -- mosquitoes !

ThomG said...

An interesting look on a problem that I don't think is causing enough angst among people.

Teal™ said...

An interesting take on the oil spillage issue - this is some food for thought. Definitely.

Vivek said...


cheerful 3WW eh? depends on the prompts :-)

@ThomG and @Teal

Thank you. Time people woke up to this issue.

Dee Martin said...

I try not to think about this. I love the coast of Louisiana and the recent spill? I don't know how they will recover between hurricane katrina and BP

Vivek said...


It is indeed sad to see the already battered coast of Louisiana getting soaked in oil due to a thoroughly avoidable man made error.

Timothy P. Remp said...

Why don't they just clean it up? Well done piece on terrible accident.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vivek,

Liked the way you wrote this....nice way to highlight this...Awhhh that poor duck in the pic makes me :(

Thanks for ur visit to my blog. C u around then :)

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, well said!

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